Irina Rashevskaya




Electric characterisation and test of double sided silicon strip detector, silicon drift detector and silicon drift detector of large area


June 3, 2020; 9:30 AM




Different types of silicon sensors are used in various physics experiments. The technological aspects of testing of AC coupled double-sided silicon strip detectors (DSSD) will be presented. I will discuss some particular problems for DSSD for Bell2 experiment (KEK, Japan).
The Silicon Drift Detector (SDD) and a system consisting of 8 monolithic arrays of SDD for X-ray absorption spectroscopy at the Jordan synchrotron light source SESAME will be described.
The test of the first batches of large-area (about 95 cm2) Silicon Drift Detectors for eXTP mission (enhanced X-ray Timing and Polarimetry) of the Chinese Academy of Science will be presented.


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