When submitting a new authorization application on the INFN Portal, you must choose between these two options (you can select the opposite option when submitting a request of reimbursement):

This option covers your:
- travel expenses, upon presentation of original tickets
- accommodation expenses up to 250 €, upon presentation of original fiscal receipts. Hotels, b&b, Garnì receipts are valid as long as they release a receipt valid for tax purpose. Please note: Airbnb cannot provide a fiscal receipt
- expenses for meals, through payment of a lump sum. This sum is subject to taxes. Its amount is determined by the duration of the business trip
0 – 4 hours → no reimbursement
4 – 12 hours → 30€
12 – 24 hours → 60€

Exceptions: business trips in Germany and in the cities of Amsterdam, Bern, New York, Tokyo, Wien, Zurich and Washington have slightly higher amounts: 5 € more for 4-12h trips and 10€ more for 12-24h trips.

This option allows you to cover:
- accommodation and meal expenses through a lump sum for every 24h spent on business trip (half of the amount is given in case of a fraction of 12 to 24 hours trip). The lump sum is always subject to taxes for any amount exceeding 77,47 €/day.
The amount of the lump sum depends on the destination, as specified in the decreto MAE del 23-3-2011 (the document is in Italian; feel free to contact the administration for info).If your destination is CERN, the INFN regulation defines the amount of the lump sum: 140 € every 24 hours (70 € for a time lesser than 24h and higher than 12h).

- Travel expenses to and from the place where the business trip takes place can be reimbursed upon presentation of original tickets. Local public buses/trains/transport means within the city of destination cannot be reimbursed.

Please note: in case you do not apply for the reimbursement of travel expenses you are anyways required to attach to your reimbursement application any document that can prove your business trip (e.g. tickets, tolls, certificates of attendance etc).

This special kind of reimbursement is allowed only in special cases, when justified by a difficulty to reach the place with ordinary public transports. You can apply for an authorization on the portal, by filling in a form to be presented to the administration.
Taxi receipts must show the following information: date, ID of the taxi, route, paid amount and signature of the driver.

This special kind of reimbursement must be authorized by the Director. It is only allowed when your destination is not well served by public transport, when your job demands it (e.g. you are carrying research material from TIFPA to another INFN branch), when it is economically convenient (this takes in consideration the number of people whom the car serves). The amount to be reimbursed is automatically calculated according to ACI tables and considering the shortest way connecting Povo with your trip destination.
Additional reimbursement: NO fuel; YES tolls.
You can also obtain the reimbursement of complimentary insurance and the cost related to the use of winter gears.

You can apply for a lump sum by submitting a form”. The amount is subject to taxes and is determined by the cost of a train ticket (II class) to the destination.
- INFN EMPLOYEES: When submitting an authorization request, fill in the information about your car. Write in the notes: “I apply for the reimbursement of II class train ticket from (address) to (address)”
- NON INFN EMPLOYEES: When submitting an authorization request, select “mezzo gratuito”. Write in the notes: “I apply for the reimbursement of II class train ticket from (address) to (address)”

Please contact the administration at least one week prior to your departure.