Green light from ESA for the LISA mission

Jul 7, 2017 Off Comments in Announcement by

After the excellent results obtained by the LISA pathfinder mission in demonstrating key technologies needed to detect gravitational waves from space, the ESA’s Science Programme Committee selected LISA as one of ESA large-class missions in ESA’s Science programme. Following selection, the mission design and costing of the LISA trio of satellites to detect gravitational waves from space can be completed. Launch is expected in 2034.

This important decision couples to the recent appointment of Stefano Vitale, TIFPA member and Full Professor at University of Trento, as new Chair of the ESA's Science Programme Committee. Prof. Vitale, as PI of LISA Pathfinder mission and member of the steering committee of LISA, has played a key role in the development of the LISA program and his appointment for such a prestigious position further demonstrates ESA's acknowledgement of the relevance of research in gravitational waves in the Physics of the next decades.

Further informations are available at LISA website.