centro protonteapia trento 2014

one of the two treatment gantries at the APSS Protontherapy Centre

TIFPA is the research partner in the Trento protontherapy center. Built by IBA for APSS, the Trento Agency for Healtcare, this cutting edge therapy facility, unique in Italy, is treating patients affected by different solid cancers in two rooms equipped with rotating gantries. A third room, with two horizontal beamlines, is totally dedicated to research. Pre-clinical research in proton radiobiology, in collaboration with the Centre for Integrative Biology (CIBIO) of UNITN, will allow a rapid translation of the research results from bench-to-bed. Innovative detectors for in vivo beam monitoring during the treatment, developed in collaboration with FBK and UNITN, will be tested in the research room for applications in the clinical environment. Using a lithium target the beamline will become a source of quasi-monoenergetic fast neutrons, a facility unique in Europe for detector calibration and studies on microelectronics damage in space.