TIFPA - Trento Institute for Fundamental Physics and Applications

A collaborative center for translational physics research

The center is a joint initiative of
INFN  National Institute for Nuclear Physics
UNITN  Trento University
FBK  Bruno Kessler Foundation
APSS  Province of Trento Healthcare Agency
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Upcoming events

Neutron Detectors and Related Applications – NDRA 2016
Summer School • 29th June – 2nd July 2016, Riva del Garda • Trento (IT) Read more
Convegno SIRR, Società Italiana per le Ricerche sulle Radiazioni
25 – 27 Settembre 2016, Presidenza FBK • Via Santa Croce, 77 – Trento (IT) Read more
Ion Beams in Biology and Medicines (IBIBAM) 2016
12 – 13 November 2016, Dr. T. P. Ganesan Auditorium • SRM University, Potheri – Chennai, India Read more


In evidence

rect_img_greenTrento • IT: Neutron Detectors and Related Applications - NDRA 2016




29th June – 2nd July, 2016
Riva del Garda • Trento (IT)

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Durante-FEIoni pesanti: dalla terapia del cancro alla missione su Marte

Marco Durante at I Venerdì dell'Universo
February 12th, 2016 - 9:00 p.m.
Sala Estense - Ferrara
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Nuclear Physics European Collaboration Committee

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The Research room with the two beamlines.The two beamlines in the Trento Protontherapy Centre research room.

How to apply for beamtime


Virtual Labs


Space research

The Science of outer space

TIFPA collaborates in large experiments to study matter and forces in space...
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Medical tech

Therapy applications

TIFPA is the research partner in the Trento protontherapy center...
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Detector technologies

TIFPA will benefit from the FBK expertise in silicon-based systems for detection of radiation...
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