TIFPA - Trento Institute for Fundamental Physics and Applications


A collaborative center for translational physics research


The center is a joint initiative of
INFN  National Institute for Nuclear Physics
UNITN  Trento University
FBK  Bruno Kessler Foundation
APSS  Province of Trento Healthcare Agency
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Upcoming events

4o Incontro Nazionale di Fisica Nucleare
7-9 Novembre 2018, Laboratori Nazionali del Sud, Catania
ISIT International Symposium on Ion Therapy 2018
10-11 November 2018, Saga, Japan
6th International GEANT4 School
26-30 November 2018, Trento, Italy


Virtual Labs

Space research

The Science of outer space

TIFPA collaborates in large experiments to study matter and forces in space...
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Medical tech

Therapy applications

TIFPA is the research partner in the Trento protontherapy center...
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Detector technologies

TIFPA will benefit from the FBK expertise in silicon-based systems for detection of radiation...
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