MANYBODY - Theory of Quantum Many-Body Systems

The MANYBODY collaboration studies properties of complex systems where the large number of particles is at the origin of a number of interesting and novel phenomena. Whether we look at the interior of a neutron star, at a cold atomic gas, or at the properties of a piece of semiconductor material, our motto is "many is more"

The Science

The MANYBODY collaboration has a long standing and well established record of research on many-body theories and their applications to a variety of fields, ranging from nuclear physics to neutrino physics, astrophysics and condensed matter physics. An important role is also played by the studies aimed at developing novel computational techniques, required to cope with the complexity of ab initio approaches based on realistic dynamical models. The strongly interdisciplinary nature is a great asset to our collaboration. Besides being valuable in its own right, over the past several years this feature resulted in a broad range of opportunities for the PhD students trained by members of MANYBODY.

The Trento unit is particularly active in the development and implementation of computational techniques for the study of problems of interest in nuclear and condensed matter physics. In particular we have developed a widespread expertise in Monte Carlo techniques, both as a way to compute ground- and excited-state properties of many-body systems, and as a solution of general transport problems. Applications range from the computation of the properties of nuclei and nuclear matter (including strangeness), and lattice nuclei, to plasmas in stellar conditions, many electron systems (with applications to quantum chemistry and material science), and simulations for hadroterapy. The group is active not only in the application of existing techniques, but in the development of new and more efficient algorithms.


• INFN groups: Bologna, Lecce, Pavia, Pisa, Roma1, TIFPA, Torino
• Principal Investigator: Omar Benhar (Roma 1)
• INFN Project: CSN IV
• Duration: n/a


• Local responsible for TIFPA: Francesco Pederiva
• Involved TIFPA people: Maurizio Dapor, Simone Taioli, Chen Ji, Lorenzo Contessi